Gymnastic wall bars for home

Gymnastic wall bars for home

November 3 2022

When talking about the gymnastic wall bars, most of us will certainly see an image of a school gym, a professional fitness club or a specialized physiotherapy office. Meanwhile, it is a sports tool that is  gaining greater adoption in daily use and becoming an essential piece of equipment for   increasingly more houses and apartments. For those who have not had the opportunity to learn more about all the advantages of gymnastic wall bars, we have prepared a special mini-guide with the most important benefits of having  gymnastic wall bars at home and tips on what to consider when choosing them.

Multifunctional sports equipment at your fingertips

The gymnastic Swedish ladder is a multifunctional piece of equipment that has great potential and creates a lot of opportunities, mainly related to everyday activity. We all realize the importance of movement, activity, regular training and proper exercise in our lives. Unfortunately though, we do not always have time or the opportunity to go to the gym, take a fitness class or spend time outdoors. With gymnastic wall bars at home, a chance to workout is always at your fingertips – at any time of the day or night. You can spend 10 minutes, half or two hours with it during the day, in the morning, afternoon or evening.  You can exercise on the wall bars   while keeping an eye on the children, cooking dinner or watching our favourite series.

Wall bars come with a variety of additional accessories and add-ons, which allows you to personalize it so that it perfectly supports your favorite types of training, targeting all parts of the body in different ways and from different angles. Workout routine will never get boring.  Thanks to this, you will be able to  take care of your health, condition, fitness, figure and well-being, all without leaving your  home.

Gymnastic wall bars for home

Wooden wall bars for kids room – BenchK 111 + A204

Gymnastic wall bars – solution for every household member

BenchK multifunctional gymnastic wall bars is a piece of sports equipment suitable for people of all ages. It can be used by children – from an early age, adolescents, adults, seniors, pregnant women, people after injuries and struggling with certain health problems. The BenchK stall bars are not only used as exercise equipment – although of course, this is their primary purpose, they also create a perfect place to play, relax, rehabilitate, rest, work and even study. How is it possible? Thanks to many additional accessories, which, being fully compatible with the gymnastic wall bars, significantly increase the range of application possibilities.
For example,  BenchK gymnastic accessories include a pair of gymnastic rings and a climbing rope with a wooden swing. Such a set will surely appeal to the youngest lovers of thrills and fun. When it comes to children, safety is extremely important. It is worth noting that all BenchK wall bars meet the European safety standards for sports equipment PN-EN 12346: 2001 and PN-EN 913: 2019-03, so you can be sure that your child will not be hurt.

In addition to exercise and play, BenchK gymnastic wall bars can also be used as a place to work or study – thanks to a special BenchTop used as a desk with adjustable wooden pull-up bar. It will work primarily in small rooms with limited arrangement possibilities, allowing you to work,study, or relax at the computer.

On top of that, some accessories allow you to perform more advanced exercises and even professional training. These include a convertible steel 6-grip pull-up bar that can also be used as a barbell holder, the dip bar with back support, and a rotatable workout bench with additional seat and rollers for knee support.

Gymnastic wall bars for home

Fitness black stall bar for home, room – BenchK 732B

BenchK wall bars – a sports piece of furniture in your home

Those who take care of every detail of the house or apartment arrangement do not have to worry about the fact that the gymnastic wall bars could spoil the results achieved so far.

First of all, it takes up little space, so it will fit into any room, no matter how small – be it a child’s room, office, hallway or living room. Secondly, BenchK multifunctional wall bars are made with innovative and trendy design,  crafted with attention to every detail, thanks to which they will easily fit into the arrangement of any, even exclusive room, giving it a unique character.  A wide range of models will allow you to choose the equipment that will be closest to your liking.

Multifunctional gymnastic wall bars at home bring a lot of benefits for the whole family. Once you have this sports furniture, you will quickly notice its positive impact on your health, physical condition, well-being and family relationships, which can be deepened thanks to joint activities.

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