Rehabilitation wall bars at home for a child and an adult

Rehabilitation wall bars at home for a child and an adult

November 26 2022

The modern lifestyle, in which the lack of sufficient physical activity, the predominance of sedentary work, and excessive physical and mental strain – all these factors make us feel pain, especially in the lumbar and spine areas. This problem affects not only adults but more and more often also children, contributing to posture defects and causing significant discomfort. Rehabilitation helps to reduce pain and has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

The vast majority of people associate rehabilitation only with professional procedures performed in rehabilitation offices or other medical facilities. However, Rehabilitation exercises are also used in the case of minor injuries, soreness or discomfort ailments and nothing prevents you from doing them at home. All you need is the right equipment.

Rehabilitation wall bars at home

Who doesn’t remember gymnastic wall bars from the school sports hall? Nowadays more and more often, wooden or metal gymnastic ladders become an essential part of our houses or apartments . Getting your own gymnastic wall bars has a lot of advantages. BenchK as a manufacturer of gymnastic wall bars creates multifunctional products with a wide range of applications.
BenchK gymnastic wall bars with accessories are used both for gymnastic and corrective exercises, as well as for home rehabilitation. They allow you to perform a wide range of full body exercises, strengthening and regenerating the spine. In addition, they are a great tool that activates and brings together the whole family while having fun and physical activity. BenchK wall bars have been designed in such a way that they can be easily installed in even a small room, and their designer appearance also makes them a modern element of the apartment’s decor.

Rehabilitation wall bars – for whom?

Excessive strain on the spine affects all of us. – Children, accumulate it by carrying way too heavy backpacks, spending many hours in a sitting position, or acquiring injuries; adults – doing too little physical activity, or gaining excessive body weight. In such cases, home exercises using the BenchK rehabilitation wall bars will be the best solution for everyone, regardless of age. In addition, for the elderly and people with injuries, fractures, or limited mobility, an invaluable help will be installing rehabilitation wall bars next to the bed. In such way it will be much easier for them to rise to a sitting position and perform simple exercises.

Rehabilitation wall bars at home for a child and an adult

Benchk wall bars 1 series

BenchK wall bars at home – is it worth it?

We are aware of the importance of physical activity in our lives. It has a positive effect on our health, appearance, and general well-being. When we do not have the opportunity to go to the gym or fitness classes, when there are no physical activities for children available in the area, or simply when the weather conditions are not conducive to outdoor sports, then the gymnastic wall bars at home is the best possible solution. BenchK offers a wide range of models, from which everyone can choose the right one for themselves and their family – a wooden or metal gymnastic wall bars, with a pull-up bar, a workout bench, and dip bars, or
with gymnastic accessories.

All products are made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which they have durable construction and are extremely durable. BenchK gymnastic ladders meet all safety standards and ensure the comfort of use, thanks to their optimal size and comfortable rungs. Among the many advantages of the gymnastic wall bars at home, it is also worth mentioning that we always have it at our fingertips. We can use it at any convenient time, without having to leave the house. This allows you to save a lot of time, and this is a very important aspect of modern life. In addition, we can exercise while watching our favorite series, listening to music, or during a break between cooking or during a toddler’s nap.

Rehabilitation wall bars at home for a child and an adult

Benchk wall bars 7 series

On top of that, gymnastic wall bars will be a great addition in a child’s room, where they will be both a tool for exercise and fun. BenchK offers additional accessories for children, such as a climbing rope with a wooden swing, gymnastic rings, a desk in the form of an overlay for a ladder or mattresses, thanks to which you will not have to persuade your child to rehabilitation and activity for a long time, even through play.

Gymnastic wall bars enable fruitful spending time with the family. Joint rehabilitation exercises, adapted to the abilities of adults and children, bring benefits and lots of fun to being together. In addition, parents become role models for their children in the field of physical activity, which is certainly true and will have a positive impact on their future.

Rehabilitation wall bars at home is therefore the best solution for the whole family, enabling daily exercise to improve the condition, and physical fitness and eliminate pain or strengthen the spine. Thanks to such multifunctional sports equipment, rehabilitation does not have to be boring, and most importantly, it is the best investment in your own health.

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