Wall bars in the children’s room

Wall bars in the children’s room

June 9 2020

Physical activity should be an unseparable element of our lives from early days. Sport through playtime on A BenchK wall bar helps to develop a child’s brain cells, lets them maintain healthy weight, and, above all, guarantees great fun. By adding a BenchK wall bar to your child’s room you will not only give them a long lasting toy, but also instill in them the love for exercise, which will stay for life. The wall bar can be mounted to wall or floor to ceiling – separating relaxation area from play or work area. BenchK wall bar is a place for safe craziness in your child’s own kingdom.

The key advantage of our wall bars is multifunctionality.

With an additional top for BenchK 110 series https://benchk.us/produkt/benchtop-for-benchk-110-series/ we can create a children’s table. Its height may be adjusted to the height of the child.

The pull up bar can also serve as a rack for children’s clothes. Often a parent prepares their children’s clothes for the next school or nursery day. The wall bar is a perfect place to hang the clothes at your child’s height, so they can reach for them themselves. The clothes rack solution also works while we are ironing.


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