Children’s swings at home, how to be sure they are safe?

Children’s swings at home, how to be sure they are safe?

December 20 2020

I don’t think there is a child in the world who doesn’t like swinging! The swing is one of the obligatory elements of every yard and a guarantee of a successful and happy childhood. Every adult knows this, with a blissful smile on his face, he reminisces about his childhood and a rope hung over a tree branch or a tire tied up that served as a swing. Of course, a garden swing is a standard and has its advantages, as it allows you to play outdoors and rock without limited space. However, inadequate weather conditions and the autumn and winter season are not best suited to fun in the garden. Hence, the best alternative is a children’s swing at home. If it additionally supports the child’s physical development, it is undoubtedly a bonus.

Every parent wants their child to be happy, smiling and, most importantly, healthy. You can combine all these elements by installing gymnastic wall bars with a swing and other accessories for children, such as gymnastic rings, at home. In this way, we create the perfect place for the best home fun and physical activity, something so necessary for the proper development of the child. Such a swing will be a tool for performing balance exercises and strengthening the muscles of the hands and arms.

Homemade swings available on the market

There are many possibilities. Starting from standing swings, which are dedicated exclusively to the smallest children, through plastic or wooden mounted to the door frame, to decorative swings fixed to the ceiling. Such solutions have one significant disadvantage – they take up quite a lot of space. The swing mounted in the door makes it difficult to move between rooms and it must be disassembled after each play, and the swing hung from the ceiling must be placed in the center of the room to allow it to move freely during the swing. In addition, the first two listed are only suitable for children up to a certain age and weight. Regardless of what type we choose, the most important thing is the health of our children. So what to do to make it safe?

Gymnastic wall bars with a swing

The offer of swings available on the market includes the aforementioned swing suspended on a gymnastic ladder. It is one of the best and safest solutions. Why? We will explain.

First of all, before buying, we have to choose the right place for mounting the equipment. A swinging child cannot pose a threat to himself and other members of the household. The gymnastic wall bars with a swing are mounted against the wall and do not take up much space, so you can move freely around the room, even when the child is playing on it, without fear of accidentally hitting someone. Another advantage of the swing ladder is that the whole family can use it. The durable structure of the ladder (max. Load from 120 to 150 kg) and accessories (up to 80 kg) allows them to be used by both children and adults. After all, nothing makes a family stronger than spending time together. Another argument in favor of the correctness of the installation of wall bars with a gymnastic swing is the multifunctionality of this solution. It gives adults the opportunity to exercise, and for children it provides physical development through play. A gymnastic swing in the form of a swing on a rope is an excellent tool for strengthening the muscles of the hands and overall physical strength, developing the balance system and enhancing the child’s courage.

We are a pioneer in the production of gymnastic wall bars, including multifunctional wall bars with sports equipment such as: pull-up bar, dip bars, training bench and gym accessories. We have a wide range of new generation products that are distinguished by functionality and designer appearance. This is especially important because most people pay a lot of attention to the decor of their houses and apartments. The wall bars we offer are designed not only to diversify the interior of the room, but also to become an indispensable element while maintaining aesthetics and modern character. These wall bars are multifunctional thanks to additional accessories. Exercise bars and benches as well as swings and gymnastic rings allow for a wide range of possibilities, both during play and physical activity. BenchK gymnastic wall bars are a 100% Polish product. They are characterized by high quality, durability and the variety on offer – individual models are made of beech wood, or are a combination of solid wood and matte metal. The products have been designed so that the individual elements are compatible across the range and it is possible to create sets. Importantly, the lwall bars and accessories are manufactured in accordance with EU safety standards for gymnastic equipment, ensuring the highest safety guarantee.

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