Morning gymnastics for children – exemplary exercises

Morning gymnastics for children – exemplary exercises

December 17 2022

Providing a child with an appropriate, daily dose of movement is an essential element in stimulating its proper development. Children have huge reserves of energy from the very morning, so it is worth using it. Morning gymnastics will be perfect for this, as it not only stimulates the body to act but also shapes the correct posture, affects the muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as stimulates the brain, and significantly improves well-being.

Probably someone will ask – how to find time for morning gymnastics in the busy schedule of the day? Meanwhile, it is enough to spend even 5-8 minutes on the morning exercise routine. It is best to carry is out before breakfast, and there is no need to change your outfit. A bit of free space is enough, and it’s best to use a gymnastic wall bars for children, which will allow them to perform a variety of exercises – many as a form of fun – that is how we will also encourage a child to be active in the morning and he will quickly notice its advantages.

Morning gymnastics for children

Gymnastic wall bars for children

Why should your child exercise in the morning?

For children, every day is full of events, adventures and challenges. Thanks to morning gymnastics, they will be best prepared to face them, because it releases positive energy and improves mood. It is thanks to endorphins released during exercise, which are called hormones of happiness. The activity performed in the morning stimulates and improves the functioning of the whole organism – above all, it oxygenates the brain, which helps children to become more effective at school, their concentration improves, the ability to think logically, they become ready to absorb knowledge.

Morning exercises also have an impact on maintaining the correct body posture, positively affect the physical condition of the child, prevent defects and back pain. It is also a way to speed up metabolism and reduce the risk of overweight.

To sum up, it can be said that morning gymnastics has four basic functions – relaxing, stimulating, corrective and educational. All it takes is a little commitment on the part of the parents to properly prepare the child for a fruitful experience every day.

Morning gymnastics for children

Gymnastic wall bars for children

Morning exercises for children – sample set

There is complete freedom in the matter of morning gymnastics for children. It is only important to remember that the individual exercises should be adapted to the age and abilities of the child and, moreover, that they should be as diverse as possible so that they do not get bored. Here is an example of a universal set of morning exercises for children using the BenchK multifunctional gymnastic ladder.

Climbing the wall bars

This is a very simple exercise that affects not only individual muscle groups, properly warming them up, but also improves concentration, agility and stimulates the brain. To perform the exercise, stand in front of the wall bars, grab the rung at shoulder height, and then put your feet on the next rungs, moving your hands up at the same time – climbing up until you reach the top rung. We proceed in the same way going down.

Hang backwards on the wall bars

This exercise stretches the upper muscles and strengthens the spine. You should stand with your back to the wall bars, raise your arms straight above your head, and then grab the rung firmly, which will allow you to hang freely without your feet touching the ground. During the exercise, remember to keep a straight line of the spine.
This exercise can be varied in many ways. One of them is bending the legs at the knees, while pulling them as close to the chest as possible, remembering at all times about a straight spine, adjacent to the ladder. Another version is swinging the body to the left and right or torso twists performed while hanging.

”Cat’s back” on the wall bars

This is one of the best stretching exercises. Stand steadily facing the wall bars, about half a step away from it, and bend over, grasping the lowest rung with both hands. The exercise includes moving the hands to a higher and higher rung as if we were climbing the wall bars using only the hands, while the feet remain in one place all the time. After reaching the maximum height, return to the starting position in the same way.

Standing pendulum

We face the wall bars, grabbing the rung at chest height with both hands. We support ourselves with one foot on the ground, and with the other, we swing to the sides. After a few repetitions, you should switch legs.

Quick claps

It is an exercise that largely engages the child’s brain, affecting its concentration, and divisibility of attention, but also improves reflexes. To perform it, you need to stand facing the wall bars, about half a step from it, stretch your arms out in front of you, then freely fall on the wall bars, cushioning yourself with your hands against the rung at your chest height, and then quickly push yourself back to the starting position. Clap your hands between both falling on a wall bars and returning to the starting position.

Such morning gymnastics will surely appeal to children and will quickly become an obligatory element of everyday life. What’s more, it is a great opportunity to be active also for parents, who will not only set the best example for their children, but also have a positive impact on their health, fitness and well-being

Morning gymnastics for children

Gymnastic wall bars for children

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